about this green girl


I am over the goddamn moon about food. Seriously, ask anyone. In cooking I find my passion, my rhythm and my clearest sense of self. I find making a slow-cooked sauce therapeutic and waiting for dough to rise exhilarating. I have been a committed vegetarian since late 2009 after reading and researching the subject extensively, to the point where I could no longer unknow what I'd discovered. Among the most influential of these publications was Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals, which is ironically about all the reasons why we shouldn't. I certainly don't begrudge meat-eaters and consider this space to be open to all who are hungry, mostly for dessert. I cook meals on the daily, pride myself specifically in my baking skills (though we all have to fail to get better) and could not live a day without cheese. I love my husband Colin, our cat Seymour and my bike (who I am still taking name suggestions for). When I'm not blogging, you can find me furiously writing my first novel (Update: Did it, done. Now comes the hard part, I think?) and working at the Brooklyn-based startup Holstee, loving our community with all that I've got. 

Most photos taken with my Nikon D5100, though occasionally my iPhone 6 is a lot more handy.

We aim to eat organic whenever we can help it.

My favorite place on earth is the kitchen.

With love and many new recipes to come,