a shoutout to archaea organics!


Recently I was pleasantly surprised by a message from the founder of Archaea Organics, Joseph Briggs. He wanted to know if he could send me some samples of their latest products. I quickly hopped on their website to check it out: organic cashew butter? crunchy chocolate hazelnut spread? After a quick browse through Archaea's offerings, I knew right away I was interested.

Imagine my surprise only a few short days later when a box arrived at my doorstep containing several full-size jars of various nut butters, both plain and with chocolate, as well as several packages of roasted nut varieties (the Sweet & Savory Rosemary Cashews were a favorite!).

This generous gift has certainly been put to good use since then. While the nut butters and chocolate spreads are good enough to be eaten by the spoonful, they've also been perfect flavorful additions to crackers, seedy breads and seasonal fruits - the best combination so far was a perfectly tart plum with some Dark Chocolate Cashew Spread. Amazing!

The roasted nuts were a perfect on-the-go snack (even once or twice while hiking) and were great on chopped on top of salads and even hot cereal on cold, autumn mornings.

Archaea Organics makes incredible products from real ingredients. True flavor and high quality are clearly a top priority for them - and of course, I'm so glad they're certified organic!

Thank you so much, Joseph!

To check out Archaea Organics full line, go here.

Salad shown with organic Roasted Cumin Almonds - delicious!