a very vegan thanksgiving


When it comes to preparing a full-blown Thanksgiving dinner, I am a rookie. A newbie. A first-timer. But we've had some pretty epic meals before and I've spent a fair amount of time in the kitchen, so I wasn't too worried. We've got this, I thought. I can pull off a completely vegan Thanksgiving with fun, fresh spins on all the favorites. I can do some prep work the day before. I'll bake the pie in the morning. It's all. good.

Well? Thanksgiving is tough. It turns out it's a lot more work than you think it's going to be, even if you make the ice cream (duh) two days ahead, chop your stuffing vegetables, blanch/roast the pain-in-ass hazelnuts, make the orange-cranberry sauce and whip up the pie crust. There will still be tons to do.

Of course, we are the ones who had to have twelve dishes (that's right, twelve total) for two people. Zero regrets, though, folks. With the help of cute Colin and Seymour, who sat anxiously in the laundry room when we set of the smoke alarm for the fifth time, we made it happen. We are truly a vegan Thanksgiving force to be reckoned with, and I'm really proud of how everything turned out. Classic-ish with a nod to some of our favorite flavors (Moroccan, Egyptian) and our favorite places (shoutout to the vegan restaurant scenes in NJ/PA!), it was truly one of the best meals, Thanksgiving or otherwise, that we've ever had.

And we had:

Crispy sweet potatoes with lime
Smashed potatoes with rosemary
Herby gravy
Sourdough stuffing
Cranberry sauce with orange zest
Roasted carrots with mint chermoula
Green beans with shallots and hazelnuts - recipe coming soon!
Pretzel rolls (made by the cutest!)
Roasted Brussels sprouts
Salad with oranges, fennel, radishes and date dressing
Apple-cranberry pie
Triple vanilla ice cream

Overall, it was the day done right (once the took the battery out of the smoke detector, that is). We had a lot of good food, the best company a girl could find (aw, I know) and there's something so much more satisfying in sitting down to a (very full) table of food when you know how hard to worked to make it happen.

Hope your day was just as happy! And I've got some of these recipes coming up very, very soon.