2013 in review


Fair warning, folks: if you are in any way against pictures of food (or cats, or cute bike-riding boys), do yourself an enormous favor and don't check out my Instagram feed. Because it is full of just those things, in that order. Now, don't let that fool you into thinking I find the latter two less lovable or photogenic. Oh, not a chance. But when I decided to scroll through all the edible imagery I'd posted over the past 12 months (mind you, I didn't get past three months ago for all the options I had available to me), the depth of color and texture is downright beauteous, no? Such variety, such possibility.

I'd like to take that methodology with me while stepping into 2014. There's something wonderfully precarious yet exciting about starting another new year. Anything at all can happen, can unfold, can grow and change right before your eyes: such variety, such possibility

Thanks for reading: really. Happy New Year!