nomad pizza!


I've had a lot of pizza in my 26 (nearly 27...!) years. A lot. Of pizza. Most of it good (after all, how can one mess up dough, sauce and cheese?), some of it not as good because let's face it, every once in awhile someone gets a little too liberal with the salt-to-sauce ratio or the cheese isn't actually fresh mozzarella. You get it.

Still, for the number of times I've had pizza, stateside and abroad, nothing thus far has come close to the trifecta of perfection served up by Nomad Pizza. With two locations, one in Hopewell, NJ and one in Philadelphia (and a third on the way, as well as one badass traveling truck), the Napolini-style pies that Nomad produces can't be beat. Unless, maybe, you actually went to Naples. I'll add it to my food bucket list and let you know.

Using only fresh, local and as often as possible organic ingredients, Nomad has a tiny menu of both traditional and funky pies and salads that change with the seasons. This time around (and there will be many more, I'm sure) we went with Arugula Pizza, a Margherita de Bufula topped with baby arugula, organic olive oil, organic parmesan and black pepper. ZING. We also added a special pesto pie, topped with fresh local goat cheese and roasted red peppers.

One of the most unique characteristics of these pies is the dough: fermented for several days with an incredible chew to it, these personal (HA!) pizzas are unlike any other. Cooked in a traditional tiled oven, these pizzas bubble and char to perfection within 60-90 seconds. Oh, and did I mention we also got a class Marinara pie to go?

Obviously, right?