instagram + tumblr photos, part I


With the world as technologically advanced as it is, it would seem that I can take a photo of my food (or anything, for that matter) using Instagram, and have it link directly to my green girl eats Tumblr. Let's not be confused, however: this here is the real deal.

So with these photos, I will gather up my best from time to time and post them here, an odd array of color, sweet treats, breakfast at its finest, lunchbreaks, and homegrown beauties.


apple picking at terhune orchards


Everyone knows October (and maybe early November, should there be any who linger) is apple-picking season. It's a time to don your fall-ish jackets, maybe a scarf and hat, get out there into the rows of twisted trees, many times hanging low to the ground under their apple-bearing weight, breathe in the fresh, sweet smell, and bring home a ridiculous amount of fruit (22 pounds, to be exact) to share with friends and turn into tasty fall-themed treats. Like a pie. Or a pandowdy. (Not sure about it? More to come.)

Our recent trip to Terhune Orchards in Princeton, NJ (home to two cutie pie golden labs named Basil and Rhubarb), with other special finds such as organic tri-colored carrots, French breakfast radishes and, duh, apple cider donuts (only half of which made their way home unscathed), left our lives chockfull of one beauteous bounty of variety: Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and Stayman Winesap. Oh, and approximately one half-gallon of cider. (Tip: heat for about one minute, add a cinnamon stick? Heaven help us all.)


fall harvest in stockton, nj


Change, change, change. With autumn in full swing and a sudden halt on summer tomatoes, ripe peaches, and long, warmer-than-warm days, fresh produce and vibrant hues aren't quite through with us yet. Some beauties from the Gravity Hill Farm stands as of late, and so much color, color, color.