another trip to stockton


I know, I know. Even though most farmer's markets boast a variety of beautiful vegetables, seasonal fruits, fresh breads, and spices, I can't go to the Stockton Market without making a beeline for the Painted Truffle stand, if only to inspect their daily offering of flavors. (Though there's never a day when you'll find a miss, I mean: lemon, raspberry, mint?)

And, they always have samples.

Macarons, that we'll see at a special event sometime soon..!

 On this particular day, we went for strawberry, which was amazingly akin to the actual fruit (a supremely difficult flavor to capture in any true sense, I feel), orange creamsicle (the specks of real vanilla bean being the kicker here), and, the very best version of chocolate hazelnut I have ever enjoyed. In any dessert. In life.

Cute Colin and his cute smile.