twisted tree café in asbury park


Our quick stop into the Twisted Tree Café came after another long day of new-apartment-stuff-shopping. Coming up empty-handed so far, and quite a distance from home, we wandered into Twisted Tree on a whim after reading about their vegetarian and vegan specialties. As well as their made-in-house baked goods.

The staff was ultra-friendly as soon as we walked in the door. They offered to help us with any questions we might have, and directed us to the specials written above us, just in case we hadn't seen. Even though I already knew what I wanted (the wrap on their menu is what swayed our decision to visit Twisted Tree in the first place), cute Colin went for the special soup, a coconut curry, that also came with a small (though not so small!) side salad paired with homemade ginger-miso dressing. Super tasty.

My veggie wrap had: tomato, onion, cucumber, olives, sprouts, carrots, lettuce, and avocado, all wrapped up with a sun-dried tomato pumpkin seed spread. AMAZING. We're always saying how it's super tough to find a vegetarian wrap with fresh ingredients; usually, most places want to fill them with roasted red peppers or portabella mushrooms, not really giving the wrap any sort of texture or crunch. As everyone knows by now, my favorite wraps have raw vegetables and tons of flavor. This wrap was perfect all on its own, but it also came with a side salad that I happily and hungrily enjoyed.

 Ready to hit the road again, we decided that we had to try one of Twisted Tree's signature treats: either a baked good (all vegan!) or a smoothie. Even though the PB&J smoothie sounded too good to pass up (banana, strawberries, peanuts, oats, hazelnut milk, HELLO), we went with a chocolate peanut butter granola bar for later and a chewy ginger snap the size of my face for the ride home. So, so good.