to-may-to, to-mah-to.


Summer's almost over. One of those sad but true things, and a super-duper motivator to make sure I get all the best summer produce I can before the autumn months start closing in. Can't even think about it yet. Jackets, wearing socks again, finding where I've stashed all my jeans for the last ten weeks. Nope.

I came upon one particularly beautiful selection of tomatoes on Sunday at the Stockton Farmer's Market. Open Friday through Sunday, this market has a huge variety of vendors from teas, to fresh bread, to produce from various farms, artisan chocolate, etc. These tasty tomatoes, however, came from the Milk House market table. Located in Newtown, PA, this farm holds their own market daily as well as participating in Stockton's weekend hours.

Bought by the pound, Milk House has pint and quart containers that you can fill with any combinations of these summer fruits, all varying in color, size, shape, and OH MY HEAVENS, taste. The Sungold Cherry Tomatoes, about the size of a marble, were my favorite of the bunch. And with this crazy-good bounty in hand, the first thing I should have reached for would be: basil, fresh mozzarella, olive oil. You name it, I know it. But a lot of these cuties, perfect on their own, didn't even make it back to the car.