one shot coffee


We've been craving One Shot Coffee, a coffee shop/brunch extraordinaire, one tweet at a time: "Enjoying edamame hummus, tofu, house-pickled veggies, cabbage & sweet chili sauce wrap," blackberry scone shots, and talks about their specialty "Batman Chai," just to name a few. Don't even get me started on the 140-character description of their Cannoli Pancakes. YOWZA.

After one-too-many moody Instagram-s of fresh-baked lemon poppyseed loaf or joe on ice, we decided that a trip to One Shot Coffee was long overdue. Located in the city of bro love, at 217 West George street on the corner of North American in a self-described "awesome, three-story row home."

If location was the only thing they had going for them, One Shot would still be one badass café. Spacious yet cozy, One Shot has tons of table space, quirky-cute decor, and of course: AWESOME COFFEE AND FOOD. I think that's what we call a triple-threat of goodness.

My first trip to One Shot was to visit an old friend from college (perrrfect location for such a thing), and the second time, approximately one week later, was with my cute Colin for a Sunday brunch. (Brunch is served 'til 5PM, people. They so get me.) Two trips, maybe, but I was suckered in to the same dish twice (even though the Avocado Melt winked at me): La Quiche! Fresh tomato, zucchini, garlic greens, and goat cheese served with a small side salad with lemon vinaigrette. Yum and yum.

Since girls always get the quiche, as we were accurately informed by the guy who brought us our plates, guys must always get the oatmeal: cute Colin's breakfast of choice, steel-cut oats simmered with soy milk and a side of strawberry compote. Also, another shot of my repeat dish, with different greens, looking and tasting lovely.

And, since One Shot is in fact a coffee shop, can't forget our drinks of choice: for Colin, a black coffee and a single espresso shot ("so creamy"), probably the best way to get a real taste of a shop's particular roast, and for me, a perfectly foamy soy au lait.

Overall, a grand success. And with their adorable Wi-Fi password ("trythepancakes") and it's subtle power of suggestion, we'll be back and we will.

Oh, and fresh peach and blueberry coffee cake for the drive home? I think, YES.