a princeton picnic


Green Girl Eats mobile edition! Beautiful summer days (or rather, the last day of spring) call for bike rides and outdoor mealtimes. Yesterday evening, cute Colin and I took a short ride into Princeton, NJ hoping to find some good food. (We pictured some good coffee, as well, but alas, we chose the night that Small World closes up shop for their staff meeting. Darn! Next time, Nolas.)

While we managed to make it to Witherspoon Bread Company in time for a Parisian baguette and an almond twist pastry (most of which were eaten too quickly for an appealing picture opportunity), we decided to also stop by Olive's for some Mediterranean food to go. Olive's is a takeout market located on Witherspoon Street (just a few steps down from Small World) that specializes in sandwiches, salads, and baked goods, as well as carrying a variety of of imported Greek specialties. (Cute Colin, any remarks on that last mention?)

For our dinner on-the-go, the remaining portion of or baguette tucked safely into my basket, I had Olive's Santa Monica Wrap, a warm pita with hummus, avocado, and fresh bean sprouts. Cute Colin had a falafel sandwich with hot sauce, hold the onions, please!

With one super-sweet nectarine, as well as a refreshing shared can of Pellegrino Aranciata, it was just the thing we needed for tasty nourishment and the extra boost of energy to pedal back to the car.

We did, however, discover one rather bold dinner guest, who rudely invited himself to partake in our leftover baguette. And to think, of all the times I hoped an animal would hop into my bike basket, if only I knew: all it would take was a fresh piece of bread!