beanwood in bordentown, nj


After a small apartment search in tiny Bordentown, we decided to stop for breakfast at Beanwood, the local coffee shop. Opened in 2009, the shop brews beans from another local shop, Small World Coffee, and has over time progressed to more offerings and an extensive Latin-inspired menu. All of Beanwood's menu is made with real, authentic, minimalist ingredients making for more vibrant, pure, made-from-scratch goodness. And their Americanos and iced coffees are perfect.

(Also worth trying is their "healthy lemonade" made with real lemon juice and pureed apples and includes no added sugar. Refreshing!)

Cute Colin with our cute coffee, mine iced, his hot. Because he's hot.

My breakfast, a spinach and feta omelette with a side of grilled, homemade sweet bread. SO GOOD.

Cute Colin's decadent French toast with homemade sweet bread and a side of syrup and fresh fruit.