harini restaurant


Yes, more Indian food!

Seriously, though, we can't get enough. If my every day diet involved naan andddd CHANA MASALA, my new favorite thing?!, than you would find me a happy girl. Happy, and most likely, really full. Plus, having less opportunity to cook these days, a problem we will be working out soon soon soon, leaves us more opportunities for eating our favorite international cuisine.

Harini is right off of busy Route 1 in the Mercer Mall shopping center, which has at least half a dozen chain mega-restaurants and then a handful of other places, including a Japanese sushi place we've been meaning to visit. SOON.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather have mulligatawny soup over endless salad and breadsticks any day. AND, every time we've been to Harini, the people working there are unbelievably nice. Our waiter (with sideburns and I want to say ... aviators?) was more than happy to comply with my request that my food be "suuuper mild" and even took the time to warn me that perhaps the mulligatawny soup would then be too spicy for my taste (it wasn't, it was amaze, but aw, he cares!).

Since no Indian meal is complete without bread (seriously, this isn't me being bread-biased: naan is for DIPPING!), we decided to go with the entire bread basket, complete with garlic naan (YES), plain naan, and tandoori roti. Because we don't mess around.

Our basket of tandoori roti. 

For our main courses, cute Colin decided to go with one of his favorites, vegetable biriyani, of the medium-plus spice variety. (Don't ask me what that means, but I'm sure my mouth would be on fire.) I went for, as mentioned before, an extremely mild version of chana masala, paired with a heaping bowl of rice, perfectly spiced with cloves and saffron.

So, so good. I'm seriously unable to reason why, since becoming a vegetarian, I've never tried this dish before. The flavor even bordered on sweet, mostly due to the tomato-based curry I would imagine. Super-duper good. Even better across from my Colin, looking super-duper cute!