coffee, croissants, & bikes


The other weekend, during this glorious stint of summer-like weather, cute Colin and I decided to take a bike ride (about 20 miles, to be exact) down to the Stockton Farmer's Market.

All surroundings looking greener than green, flowers in bloom everywhere and all kinds of wildlife (from baby turtles to baby ducks!), including one particular friendly but stranded kitty that kept us company while we waited for Animal Alliance to come scoop him up. (He's still looking for a home, and you can find him here!)

Arriving in time to peruse the stands, full of local NJ vegetables, freshly-baked bread, and artisan jams, we decided on a strawberry-filled croissant (I KNOW) and two sesame cookies from Crossroads Bakeshop.

We also stopped by the newly open Market CafĂ©, serving coffee and espresso beverages made from La Colombe beans. YUM. They even have coffee-ice-cubes for their cold drinks. Perfect!

Cute Colin takes a cute sip.