the blue rooster in cranbury, nj


For the past few years now, my older sister and I have gotten onboard with the traditional Mother's Day trend of: BRUNCH. Taking our mother and grandmother for a day of mid-day meal-ing, where their only instruction is to leave their wallets at home, we go out to celebrate their constant gift to us by re-gifting back to them in French toast and Mexican hot chocolate form.

I mean, really, is there a better way to say thank you?

Though other years have taken us into New York City, this year we decided to go local(er) and take a trip to The Blue Rooster Bakery & Cafe in Cranbury, New Jersey. This town, with a particular sense of history for our family's beginnings, welcomed us on a beautiful spring day, warm and sunny and bright.

This tiny eatery built into a old house for a particularly at-home feel is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner as well as (wait for it!) afternoon tea. Pinkies UP.

Since brunch is available on weekends only, and since Sunday was already completely booked up for the occasion, we decided that a day-early celebration was the way to go.

Offering an array of sweet and savory options, we had a well-rounded selection of flavors at our table, including a basket of eight mini-pastries, each all better than the last: cranberry-lemon, chocolate, apple-cinnamon, and baby almond croissants. Too cute to eat? Please.

Seated at the best table in the house tucked into a rounded window, coffee cups (and fresh-squeezed orange juice!) in hand, we scanned the diverse menu trying to settle on the perfect mid-morning meal.

Our patient waiter circled back twice before we could decide. In the end, I opted for savory, in counteraction with the pastries I just inhaled: tomato goat-cheese quiche. My sister went for the fresh fruit, honey, and yogurt filled crepes. (Mom and Gram went for the chicken salad plate, complete with carrot and quinoa salad. No chicken for this green girl, though!)

Though we decided to skip dessert because of a. fullness and b. other plans for The Bent Spoon (coming SOON!), their menu made it pretty difficult to resist. To which I say, there's always next time.