the mother's day trip to bent spoon


Since we all know my no-meal-would-be-complete without dessert theory, and since brunch technically qualifies as two meals in ONE, this would also, in a technical sense, mean we should have had dessert twice during our Mother's Day celebration.

However, a trip to The Bent Spoon is really all you need for one, satisfying sense of quality indulgence. I know, I know, I've raved about it once or twice already, but the fact is, I could have it every day and each time be newly impressed with the freshness and purity of their flavors. UNREAL.

My particularly odd but glorious combination of Apricot-Aprihop and Fresh Mint Chunk. DIE.

I had Apricot-Aprihop + Fresh Mint Chunk (as I mentioned), Susan had Dark Chocolate Sorbet and Cardamom Ginger Ice Cream, Gram had Cookies Cream (even their ordinary flavors are EXCEPTIONAL) and Christine went the Apricot-Aprihop route paired with Raspberry Lemon Sorbet. Sheeeesh.