annapurna in new hope, pa


How very fitting that this next entry be about the Indian restaurant Annapurna, beee-cause it is also owned by the same people who operate Marhaba, featured in my last appropriately-obsessive post.

Annnyway, opened last summer in August, Annapurna is tucked away in downtown New Hope, Pennsylvania, a tiny but festively decorated space that overlooks the Delaware River. Which, if you're there at the right evening-ish time, a clan of ducks waddling by, has the potential for an altogether charming view.

The traditional Indian cuisine at Annapurna is flavorful, fresh, and prepared to order. Not too spicy for me, I always have to say. And Annapurna gets it right. They boast a solid variety of vegetarian options (as most Indian restaurants do), and even state on their website, "Who says vegetarian has to be bland and boring!"

Well, certainly not us.

Here, an excerpt from the appetizer section of their menu. And, because why wouldn't I be, absolutely in love with their adorable logo. Any indication of animal friendship, and I'm sold. And those two are downright smooching.

We started with the Vegetarian Assorted Appetizer: a combination plate of one samosa, a variety of aloo tikki, (fried patties of mashed potatoes, peas, and spices) and pakora (a variety of batter dipped vegetables, much like a tempura.)

Also with our appetizers came an order of Paswari Naan. Oh my heavens, this is quite literally my favorite naan, scratch that, my favorite BREAD, of all time, from any place. What an honor, you might say, but once you learn what comes tucked inside this homemade flatbread, you will more than understand: shredded coconut, pistachios, and golden raisins. I mean, come ON.

For our main course, while cute Colin went for a version of vegetable biriyani exploding with spice, I went for a more mild, almost delicately sweet dish of mixed curried vegetables in a tomato-based sauce.

While the dim lighting didn't quite make for ideal photographs, and the nearby birthday party table of 20+ people, one wailing baby included (Have you ever seen parents change their child's diaper in the middle of the floor in a public place? SHEESH.), the always wonderful food and always cute companionship, as well as the attentive and eager intentions of the friendly waitstaff, still gives Annapurna a capital A plus. And the perfect amount of leftovers for tomorrow's lunch to boot.