stockton farmer's market


Oh, spring. So glad we can meet again, this time with bicycles and Sundays out and pink and white trees blooming everywhere.

All of these wonderful things combined, with the added sweetness of cute Colin, on a weekend jaunt (it's true!) to the Stockton Farmer's Market, via bike, naturally, in Stockton, New Jersey. This indoor market, with the luxury of being open rain or shine and year round, boasts a variety of vendors including fresh produce (of course), artisan breads, coffee, homemade preserves, and more. (Okay, and yes, even items such as organic beef, should you wonder.)

While we did manage to make a meager purchase of some adorable stubby little carrots and a handful of purple-red beet roots, greens still intact, I admit that this venture was almost entirely steeped in sugary treats. After all, the seven mile bike ride left us feeling ever-so-slightly entitled. Right?

A Snickers cupcake from Felix's Caketeria, which was magically identical to this favorite candy bar of mine, all without being overly sweet yet still masterfully indulgent.

Next we have two gorgeously glamorous hand-crafted candy bars, courtesy of The Painted Truffle, a decadently addictive artisan chocolate company. Always handy with free samples (to get you hooked!), the Painted Truffle vendors won't let you go by without tasting a bite of something sweet. If you linger long enough, they will force upon you (oh please) the most ah-may-zing little thimbleful of drinking chocolate. Kill me, please. With candy.

The ubër-dark maze bar, front and center, is The Painted Truffle's Mayan bar, a perfect balance of cocoa, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. The other bar, a chocolate more my speed and shade, is a toffee pecan milk bar. Each the size of an index finger, they are just enough of a treat with zero looking back.

Oh my heavens, whenever I am lucky enough to have this next treat, it's everything I can do to not perk up as if I just saw the clouds part with an angelic chorus beckoning me on towards this French culinary delight: my absolute favorite dessert, THE MACARON. Also from The Painted Truffle, bless them, we decided to go with a festively adorable box of six, with many flavors from which to choose. The ones we landed on, in color coordinated order: pistachio, vanilla-coconut (DEAD), sea salt caramel (this flavor is EVERYWHERE, is it not?), chocolate-hazelnut, raspberry, and lemon. Swoon.

So there you have it. A visit to a farmer's market that was a little more confectionary than agriculture-y, but what can I say? I promise we didn't eat it all in one sitting. But I'm still not sorry, no, not one bit. As a matter of fact, I never am.